Who We Are...

Executive Staff

Roger Friedman Executive Director and Psychologist: Roger Friedman, Ph.D. Roger has maintained a clinical practice for 25 years, and is a consultant to child welfare and adolescent/child mental health programs across the country. He is a second generation owner of the camp, lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife Roz and spends his summers at Echo Hill. He and Roz have three children: Amanda, Michaela and David.

Roz Beroza Executive Director and Clinical Social Worker: Roz Beroza, MSW. Roz is a clinical social worker with 25 years of experience as a family therapist. She lives with her husband Roger and their children in the Washington, D.C. area and spends her summers working with the staff and children at Echo Hill.

Charles B. “Chuck” Hart Associate Director: Charles B. “Chuck” Hart, BS, MS helps manage the facilities, organizes Alumni volunteers for work projects at the ranch, and contributes to marketing and management year round as part of our Administrative Team. He served as Wrangler for many years, takes care of the horses in the winter, and is a resource for Shelley O’Neal in running the corral. He is the father and grandfather of Echo Hill campers and staff, and was a staff member in 1960 where he met his wife, Jan Siegel. He’s Past President of Texas Jewish Historical Society and Board Member of Texas A & M Hillel Foundation. Chuck’s been involved with Echo Hill for 30 years.

Deonna Heath Administrative Coordinator: Deonna Heath, BS designs the yearbook, manages database registration, and responds to prospective and current parent’s requests for information and help year round. She’s an alumnus of several summer camps and worked at the National Wildlife Federation before joining our staff three years ago. Deonna and her husband Jim are close friends of the Friedman family, and live with their children Riley, Audrey and Dillon in Mt. Pleasant, N.C.

Family Ownership Family Ownership: Echo Hill Ranch is jointly owned by Marcie, Roger and Kinky Friedman, the children of Dr. and Mrs. S. Thomas who founded the camp in 1953.

Senior Administrative Staff

Rosie De La Cruz

Director and Associate Director of Food and Kitchen Services:Rosie Soto (on the left in the photo) has retired as Chef/Baker and Food Service Manager for 25 years in the San Antonio Independent School System. Each summer, she works with her daughter Sherry Barona (on the right in the photo), Associate Director of Kitchen Services, and Co-Director Roz Beroza Friedman, in planning menus and ordering food and supplies. Rosie and Sherry are responsible for overseeing the preparation of all meals and supervising the kitchen staff. Rosie especially loves baking, and makes cookies, cakes, cobblers, challah, dinner rolls, corn bread, biscuits, and cinnamon buns from scratch. She has been working at Echo Hill for 22 years and Sherry has been at the ranch for 12 years. (Note: In the middle between Rosie and Sherry is Sherry’s son, Daniel, who has been a camper at Echo Hill for six years.)

Shelley O'Neal Head Wrangler:Shelley O'Neal, BS is in charge of the corral, 18 horses in the summer, as well as teaching riding skills and leading trail rides. She’s a Certified Horse Instructor, a 3rd generation camper and counselor at Echo Hill and has worked with horses all of her life. Shelley is a Certified Sports Trainer, a 2005 graduate of Texas State University in Sports Medicine, and is currently the Head Athletic Trainer for Luling Independent School District, Luling, Texas.

Kevin MacLeod Evening Schedule Planner and Coordinator: Kevin MacLeod will be coordinating our Evening Program Schedule in 2012, as well as bringing his amazing handyman and scene design skills to the camp facility and drama programs. Kevin has been at Echo Hill as part of our administrative staff for five years, as Drama Coordinator in 2008 and Facilities Manager/Camp Handy Man. He’s joined at camp by his wife, Rayne, who is also on our Administrative Staff and his two children, Kathryn and Olivia. Kevin is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, where he served as the Production Manager for 10 years. He has spent the last 12 years living and teaching English in Taiwan with his family.

Rayne Johnson MacLeod Dining Hall & Picnic Supper Coordinator: Rayne Johnson MacLeod is our Dining Hall & Picnic Supper Coordinator, in charge of the Bunk1 Online Photo Gallery and takes most of the wonderful photos you see in our yearbook and on Bunk1. 2012 will be her fifth year at Echo Hill. She currently lives in Taiwan with her husband, Kevin and their two children, who join her each year at camp. In Taiwan, she specializes in curriculum design for teaching English as a second language and is co-owner of a children’s bookstore. She is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.

Nicole Boarnet Daily Schedule Planner and Coordinator:Nicole Boarnet will develop our Daily Schedule and will work closely with the Camp Directors and staff to maintain the richness of traditional activity offerings as well as the creative new programming that is a hallmark of camp life at Echo Hill. Nicole developed all programs associated with the Joe Levit Family Parenting Center of the Houston Jewish Community Center, was a preschool teacher at The Shlenker School in Houston and served as a city planner of special projects in the City of Lake Charles, LA. She’s also an artist and professional educational tutor and has recently relocated with her husband, Darren, and their three boys to Seattle, Washington. Nicole has a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education.

Inda Cicelsky Creative Arts and Ecology Advisor:Inda Cicelsky will be our Creative Arts and Ecology Advisor this summer, working with the Teen Leadership Camp and older campers on art and ecology projects as well as enhancing our musical and song leading activities. Inda comes to us from Kibbutz Lotan in the Arava Desert of southern Israel where she and her husband, Alex, co-founded the Kibbutz twenty-nine years ago. Kibbutz Lotan is recognized by the United Nations for the excellence of its Center for Creative Ecology and is an environmental showcase of sustainable living in a harsh and beautiful desert climate. Inda is the Director of the Arts Program at Ma’aleh Shaharut High School at Kibbutz Yotvata, was the founder of a successful Israeli summer camp, and is an accomplished and creative song leader. She has undergraduate degrees in Theatre Arts, Judaic Studies and Art Education as well as an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts. Inda and her husband Alex have four
children. To see more about Inda and the amazing work that’s being done
at Kibbutz Lotan go to http://www.kibbutzlotan.com

Ben Niefield Head Men’s Counselor:David “McD” McDonald will be our Head Men’s Counselor in 2013. He will work closely with the Camp Directors on how all boy campers are adjusting to camp life and will serve as a resource and adviser to male counselors. McD will also co-lead bunk counselor conferences with Becca Raymond-Kolker, Head Women’s Counselor and Roz Beroza Friedman, MSW, Co-Director. McD was a camper at Echo Hill from 2000-2004, and received Naturalist First Class each year. He was a bunkhouse counselor form 2005-2009 before working as Head Men’s Counselor in 2010-2011. He loves the outdoors, basketball, guitar and being in the beautiful hill country at the ranch. McD studied Guitar and Philosophy at St. Edward’s University and will be graduating in May, 2013!

Jenna Streusand Head Women's Counselor:Becca Raymond-Kolker will be our Head Women's Counselor in 2013, working closely with the Camp Directors on how all girl campers are adjusting to camp life and serving as a resource and advisor to all female staff. Becca will also co-lead bunk counselor conferences with David McDonald, Head Men's Counselor and Roz Beroza Friedman, MSW, Co-Director. Becca was a camper for many years, and has been on staff since 2007 as a counselor and counselor in training advisor. Becca loves spending the summertime in this beautiful little green valley--and especially loves hiking up Echo Hill, jumping in the deep end, creating art in the crafts corral, and getting to know every member of the Echo Hill family! Congratulations to Becca on graduating in May, 2013 from Smith College with a major in Latin American Studies.