Welcome to Echo Hill’s Online Registration for camp enrollment. Registering for camp requires letting us know how to contact you, plus information about your family profile, and health insurance. If you are new to Online Registration, please set up a new account Username and Password. If you registered for camp last summer simply log back into your account using the same Username and Password. If you can’t remember your Username or Password, email for help.

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  1. The first step of Online Registration is for YOU, the parent, to set up an account. You can use this account to log in later and make updates to your registration including additional custom payments.
  2. On the next page you should enter YOUR name and YOUR contact information.
  3. Once you set up the account you will be asked to enter your username and password.
  4. After entering this information, you will see instructions on how to complete registration---for enrolling for camp you should scroll through the Registration options and click on the camp session (Four Week, Three Week or One Week) you want your child to attend.
  5. Then scroll through the options to bus transportation and click on the bus transportation you’d like to reserve if you want your child to ride the bus to or from camp. We offer round-trip bus service from Houston, Dallas and Austin for the Four and Three Week sessions, but only one-way service to camp from these cities for the One Week session since enrollment is so limited for that introductory session.

Click here to register now!