Employee Conduct, Release of Liability, Medical Insurance & Internet Policy Agreement
To ensure the safety and welfare of campers, staff and camp community, we require your cooperation in following these policies. Violation of these policies may result in termination of employment. All employees must sign this Agreement and provide Medical Information on page two, and if you are under 18, a parent/guardian must also sign. Please also read and sign the attached Echo Hill Ranch Internet Policy.
1. Inappropriate physical contact with campers by staff is strictly forbidden.
2. Possession and/or use of tobacco products (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, dip, etc.) alcohol and drugs are not permitted or tolerated on the ranch.
3. Each staff member is responsible for following guidelines for bringing personal belongings to camp. Counselors are not to bring expensive electronic equipment, large box fans, jewelry or extensive makeup. Personal CD players and small personal fans are allowed. If you bring equipment to support your activity area, e.g., music collection, video camera, archery bow, laptop, etc., please inform camp administration.
4. Each counselor is responsible for maintaining confidentiality and protecting the privacy of campers’ records and medical information.
5. Internet Policy: Please read and complete the attached Internet Policy Form which relates to staff use of Facebook, Myspace, blogs, websites, IMs and Email.
6. All visitors, whether they have been at Echo Hill before or not, must be approved by camp administration prior to the visit to the camp.
7. Any travel beyond ranch property must be approved by the camp administration and staff under the age of 18 must also have parental permission for such travel. Official Echo Hill sponsored travel will be done only with designated drivers over 21 years old and in designated ranch vehicles.
8. Staff under 18 may not bring a vehicle to camp. Staff 18 or over that plan to bring a vehicle submit copy of license and insurance to the camp administration when bringing the vehicle on the ranch. Staff is responsible for the use, care, and maintenance, liability and all related costs for their vehicle. Under no circumstances can a vehicle be brought to a camp activity, i.e., evening program, cook out, or camp-out without permission of the camp administration.
9. I authorize the camp administration to contact any references I have provided or to perform any other reasonable background checks.
10. I agree that any prescribed medication I am currently taking will be kept in the camp infirmary during my employment at camp.
11. Permission for use of photos: I, or if under 18 my guardians/parents, give permission to Echo Hill to use appropriate photographs of me at camp in videos, articles, website photos or advertisements for the purpose of marketing & camp promotion.
12. Permission to visit camp off-season: I agree to request permission from Echo Hill prior to visiting the camp when my employment contract has ended and/or during the camp off-season. If I am granted permission to visit during this time, I release Echo Hill from any liability for injury or illness that may occur to me related to that visit.
13. Release of Liability: I understand that Echo Hill will make every reasonable effort for the camp program to be safe for all participants and employees. I, or if under 18 my guardians/parents, release Echo Hill Ranch and their staff from liability for any injury or illness that may occur during my employment. If my parents/guardians cannot be reached in a reasonable time, they give permission to Echo Hill to take me to Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital in Kerrville, or the nearest physician for appropriate treatment. I, or if under 18 my guardian/parents, give permission to Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital and the physicians at the Hospital or other physicians selected by Echo Hill Ranch to hospitalize and/or secure all proper medical treatment.
14. Medical Coverage: I or my parent/guardian agrees to be responsible for payment for any medical services I receive that are not the result of an injury/illness sustained while engaged in my regular employment duties at camp.
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This form maybe faxed to 301-588-4041 or mailed to winter address: 8601 Georgia Ave, #810, Silver Spring, MD. 20910 or summer address: Echo Hill Ranch, 965 Echo Hill Rd., Medina, TX 78055.
Please continue to Internet Policy Form on following page………
INTERNET POLICY / DISCLOSURE FORM,, Instant Messaging, Email, Webpages & Blogs!
Internet websites such as and offer campers and staff the ability to create personal web pages and blogs, which expose our campers' personal information to the public at large. It is Echo Hill’s policy that you may not post or comment on any camper web pages, blogs or pictures which may appear on the Internet. In addition, any communication with campers via e-mail or instant messaging must be appropriate.
Inappropriate pictures or information that you are involved in anti-social and/or illegal activities on the Internet may effect your continued and future employment at Echo Hill. We also ask that you consider what you are writing or posting in general when it comes to your experiences at camp. Please remember that anything you put on sites like can be read by Echo Hill parents and campers. If your postings pertain to camp, then what you say reflects upon Echo Hill and impacts our reputation. You may not post pictures from Echo Hill on the Internet that contains campers. If you have posted any pictures from camp that contains campers, they must be removed. The only pictures of campers allowed to be posted publicly are those on our official website.
In order to protect ourselves and our camper community, we reserve the right to review your major Internet sites on a regular basis in order to insure that members of our staff (and former members of staff) have not posted any inappropriate pictures from camp and are not involved in any inappropriate communication with our campers or have inappropriate/anti-social or illegal material posted in the Internet. Any violation of this policy may effect your continued and future employment at Echo Hill. By signing this attachment to the Policy Contract you are acknowledging that you are aware of and plan to comply with the Echo Hill Internet policy.
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