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The Alumni Corner #1
Editor: Scott Shepard, 2nd Generation Rancher/Staff

Alumni Work Crew- Spring, 2008 From Left-David, Steve, Henry, Ronnie, Chuck, Shelley, Evan
Welcome Alumni: This is the first installment of a new column geared toward “old” or better yet "former" Ranchers and Staff. We want this page to help us stay in touch, share golden memories and recruit new friends and families. We’d love to hear from you about special memories. Please email to with ‘Alumni Corner’ in the Subject line: we plan to update this Corner each month. And if you haven’t yet, send us your contact info so we can stay in touch!

Reflections: The “Echo Hill Way” has different meanings to all of us. My mother and uncle attended Echo Hill in 1953. As a young child I heard endless stories about the “Good Ole Days” at this place called Echo Hill. This was until I got on the bus for the first time and started making memories of my own. Even though many of the traditions have remained the same over the past 50 years, we all have unique memories that will last a lifetime.

I tell my kids Nina and Maxie, (Nina a camper and Maxie was a Counselor’s Assistant for the first time in 2008) about the unforgettable experiences I had with “Big Al”, “Bad Nose Bill”, Richard “A.K.A Kinky” , Jeff Shelby and Copper, just to name a few. I also reminisce about memories of Capture the Flag on the East Flat, Siesta Swims at Chalk’s Bluff and the time Slim hit a home run all the way to the deep-end. My kids have their own memories about the antics of Shelby, Stanton, “The Roberts”, Katy, and Amanda. They also share their own stories about the 80’s social, MTV night, using a giant Slip-N-Slide on the flat, helping at the Rescue Ranch and the making the documentary Date Line Echo Hill.

In 2007, I returned to the ranch to attend the Annual Alumni Round- UP week-end. Along with doing all the Echo Hill Activities, we had a chance to reminisce about the times and people that were so special to each of us over the past decades. We’re already talking about planning another Alumni Retreat in the summer of 2010, and hosting an amazing 60th Anniversary Alumni Round-Up in 2012! Its amazing to reconnect with such a great time in your life--- Greentrees for now, and stay in touch!